Poker Donkeys – The Metagame donkey

There are so many ways to be a donkey in poker as you have already seen; in fact it’s so much easier to be a donk than a good poker player. Let’s finish with the oft overlooked metagame donk!

  1. Lack of preparation
    Don’t just log on to your computer and start playing poker straight away. If you are a serious sports-person before a big match or a big race, you limber up beforehand, stretching your arms and legs, doing a few sprints and whatnot. If you are a serious poker player you also need to warm up beforehand, while there is no harm in doing physical exercise before you play, the exercises I’m referring to for you as a poker player are mental ones of course. Why not spend even just 5 -10 minutes reading some inspiring poker articles, thinking about your game and how you wish to play, how you wish to react during the session, being mentally prepared to take the rough with the smooth. It’s perhaps the biggest donkey play of all, the one that occurs most often, to just start off a game with no pre-game mental preparation.
  2. 2. Showing your cards
  1. There are times when showing your cards is a smart move. Say you have made a big bluff on a player who is either bad or has been running bad and you suspect it might send him on tilt. It’s a cruel but very effective time to show your bluff. However most players show their cards in situations which have no positive benefit for them. One of the classic ones is where a player who is playing tightly is getting pounded upon in the blinds, then one time lo and behold no one raises his blind this time, and he shows KK. It’s a feel sorry for me revelation. Well I got news for you guy; poker players don’t feel sorry for other poker players. I guarantee this only brings a smile to other poker players’ faces that they have successfully dodged the one time the guy has a hand in the blinds and will encourage yet more pounding on that player’s blinds.
  2. Other times that players show cards reveals a lot of the way they erroneously think about poker. I’ve seen guys showing A3o, K6s in the big blind when no-one calls or raises their blind pre-flop as if they are disappointed! These players are basically revealing that they totally over-value the quality of their hands.