Poker Donkeys – The Fish

A donkey poker player is synonymous with being a fish, so much so that the two are often confused as one and the same thing, so let us start off our exploration into the world of donkology with a close up of our favorite poker donk – The Fish.

  1. Calling too often. The fish is the guy that every poker player cherishes, the guy who can’t fold a hand, the guy who can’t be bluffed. This is the guy who because he knows that there is the possibility that he might be getting bluffed in the game of poker, can’t bring himself to fold mediocre hands, even though everything points to the fact that he is being beat. These guys can be frustrating to play when you know you need the goods to beat them. When facing a fish just stay patient and wait until you have a hand and go right ahead and bet it as normal when facing this guy. To avoid making fishy plays yourself, you must not be afraid of being bluffed, it is essential part of poker, sometimes when everything point to the fact that you are behind, more often that not you are and it is correct to fold, at times of course bluffs slip through, but that’s the game, remember, only bad players can’t be bluffed!
  1. But they were suited
    Some of the biggest donks out there, can’t fold suited cards preflop almost no matter what the raising action. There are indeed times when playing suited cards preflop are profitable. Suited connectors such as 76s can be profitable to play under certain favorable conditions, however even these should not be played out of position or when facing one or more large preflop raises, the odds and indeed the implied odds are just not good enough to justify it. As for suited thrash like T3s, just because it is suited does not change the fact that it is a thrash hand. Muck it or be the donk that loses your stack to the suited ace. Fish are notorious for liking suited cards.
  2. Any ace will do
    Routinely calling preflop with a hand that contains any ace is another big mistake poker donks make. Say you call preflop with a hand like A3 offsuit, what are you hoping to achieve here? If an ace comes chances are you will either win a big pot or lose a small pot. Why? Well most players who don’t have an ace will be very wary about continuing in the hand, so it’s not likely you will get much if any action, and if you do get action it is likely to come from another ace where of course you are outkicked. It is too much to expect that you will hit a dream flop like A3x or 542 and even then chances are you won’t get paid off the way you would like.